Doggy Bio

Pebbles - Tibetan Terrier


Pebbles is adorable, she's so cute and very cuddly. Sometimes a bit reluctant to go out for a walk, but when she does, will happily trot along at her own pace, sniffing everything along the way!

Skye - Tibetan Terrier


Skye is absolutely gorgeous, the cutest puppy ever. She loves to walk off the lead, chasing the leaves and playing fetch with her ball. She's very bright and quick to learn and loves her puppy training classes. Skye also loves to lick your ear!

Storm - Staffy cross


Stormy is adorable, she is the cuddliest, soppiest Staffy I know. Poor Stormy had an accident last November and had major surgery, but to everyone's amazement, she is now walking about like nothing happened. She would love to chase the squirrels again, given half the chance!

Tammy - Westi / Lhasa 


Tammy is a senior lady, but despite her age and little legs, she loves a long walk, often cantering along most of the way. She's so cute and very lovable. I'm sure she deliberatly makes her tummy muddy just to enjoy the towel rub when we get home!

Boris and Bilbo - Springer Spaniels

Boris - English & Bilbo - Welsh 


These boys are just the best - obedient, lovable and fun dogs to walk. Boris loves to run around through the woods, while Bilbo prefers to stay close, just in case there's a treat on offer!

Duchess - Greyhound


Duchess is beautiful and very elegant. She enjoys a gentle stroll with lots of sniffing along the way. 

Bailey - Labrador


Bouncy Bailey! He's beautiful and loves his walks off the lead, especially when he finds a stray lump of sugar beet in a field! Just have to watch he doesn't take the bobble off your hat when you bend down to wipe his paws!