Doggy Bio

Pebbles - Tibetan Terrier


Pebbles was adorable, she was so cute, very gentle and cuddly. We enjoyed 5 years of super walks, pop-in's and holidays. Pebbles sadly past away on the 1st of Sept 2019, 3 days before her 13th birthday. We miss her so much, she was a very special lady.

Skye - Tibetan Terrier


Skye is absolutely gorgeous, the cutest puppy ever. She loves to walk off the lead, chasing the leaves and playing fetch with her ball. She's very bright and quick to learn and loves her puppy training classes. Skye also loves to lick your ear!

Storm - Staffy cross


Stormy is adorable, she is the cuddliest, soppiest Staffy I know. Stormy now lives with a new familiy and has a super garden for her to run around in. She will always hold a special place in my heart.

Tammy - Westi / Lhasa 


With huge sadness on 21 July 2020, we said goodbye to this very special lady. At 15 years old she certainly had a full life and I had the pleasure of sharing her final year with her. Dear little Tammy will be sadly missed by us all.

Boris and Bilbo - Springer Spaniels

Boris - English & Bilbo - Welsh 


These boys are just the best - obedient, lovable and fun dogs to walk. Boris loves to run around through the woods, while Bilbo prefers to stay close, just in case there's a treat on offer!

Duchess - Greyhound


Duchess is beautiful and very elegant. She enjoys a gentle stroll with lots of sniffing along the way. 

Bailey - Labrador


Bouncy Bailey! He's beautiful and loves his walks off the lead, especially when he finds a stray lump of sugar beet in a field! Just have to watch he doesn't take the bobble off your hat when you bend down to wipe his paws!  

Scully - Working, Cocker Spaniel

Super Scully! She's beautiful and so exited to go out on her walks, especially when we take the ball! She always has a smile on her face and with those adoring eyes, a tummy rub is complusory. 

Dolly - Pug / Jack Russell

Everyone just loves a Pug and Dolly is no exception, she's gorgeous and very cute. Dolly just loves to play fetch with the ball and sometimes gets so excited, I have to hide it away, just to calm her down. She loves to have a paddle in the river too!

George - Cockapoo

George is an amzingly cute puppy, just 10 weeks old when I met him, he's just the most goregeous living teddy bear. George enjoys lots of cuddles and loves to play in the garden with his rope and my shoe laces! 

Toby - Boxer / Staffy cross

Toby is beautiful and despite having big sad eyes, he's a very happy and bouncy boy. He loves to take his ball out on his walk and is happy just to carry it when it's not being thrown. Toby loves to lick your nose if you get too close!!


Beautiful Eve, just 6 months old when I met her in March. She was very nervous and unsure of anything or anyone new. By the end of my meeting with Eve and her family, she was lying next to me on the floor, letting me fuss her and rubbing her tummy. Upon each new visit I see her confidence grow and we now enjoy our super walks together.  

Buster - Bearded Collie cross

Buster is brilliant! He loves to find a stick and lay down to chew it, so long as Lily his companion, doesn't take it off him! He's very chilled and super cuddly.

Lily - Black Labrador

Lily is gorgeous, she's your typical bouncey, friendly lab and loves a cuddle. Lily loves to run around off the lead and take Buster's stick if she gets the chance!

Emma - Cocker Spaniel

Beautiful Emma, so quiet and cuddly and very lucky to live near the river Stour! Many a beautifull afternoon spent walking along the shore line, so much to sniff, but never a paddle! 

Zorro - Working Cocker &

Pip - Springer Spaniel

Super dogs, who love their walks. Dissapearing into the crops, then popping their heads up just to check I'm still there! Both loving a cuddle with the towel when trying to dry them! 

Maple - Lab/retrieiver

Gorgeous Maple, loves playing with the ball as well as having a cuddle, especially just before bed time, with his favourite toy. And, as with most labs, loves his food, particularly a nice crunchy carrot!    

Taco - Spanish Water dog

Just 8 months old when I met him and what fun we had!!! Particularly loved to hide under the dining table rather that let me put his harness on!! But as you can see, I won :)) and rewarded him with lots of cuddles! 

Fidget - Labrador cross

Arh, Fidget was just adorable, so cuddly and he loved a treat! Sadly he passed away in his sleep on 17th March 2021, a few days before his 15th birthday. I was so lucky to enjoy many an amble across the fields with him following just behind me. I still miss him coming to the door for a biscuit, when I call for Flora.

Luna - Italian Spinone

Well, where do I start! Luna is brilliant, she is so gentle and loving and really good fun too! She just loves to have a good run off the lead and comes back to me most of the time when I call her!!! But she does love to chase the pheasents!!! say no more :o

Charlie Brown - Cocker Spaniel

What a super little chap he is too! Just 18 months old when I started walking him with Luna, he is adorable. He loves to play and run off the lead, chasing anything that moves, but also loves a treat, so comes running back to me as soon as I call him. An absolute pleasure to walk and must have cuddles after all our walks :)) 

Maisie - Collie-retriever cross &

Bosun - Labrador-flatcoat retriever cross

These two are just gorgeous, so friendly and very well behaved. Maisie loves to fetch the tennis ball, whilst Bosun just loves to have a fuss and a cuddle. 

Freddie - Cockapoo

As you can see, Freddie is just one of the cutest puppies. Just 9 weeks old when I met him, he's a very fast learner and knows it must be lunch time when he see's me arrive! So much fun, play and so many cuddles :))  

Bella - Cockapoo & Luna - Golden Doodle

Just 18 months & 6 months in this picture, two of the most gorgeous girls in the village. I had the pleasure of taking them for a walk with Skye, who they love, not sure who was chasing who!! Crazy, but fun and very, very cute :))  

Bruce - Shih-tzu cross

Bruce is just the cutest little chap, who just love to have a run around the playing field. His gorgeous soft, fluffy fur is always sooo white, but then he does love to have his paws dried and a cuddle with the towel :))  

Otis - Jack-a-poo

I first met Otis when he was just 17 weeks old, he lay on my feet, tummy up for a cuddle - it was love at first sight! He just loves to play tug and football, he's brilliant off lead too and is a star at learning new skills from puppy training - still got very sharp teeth though!!

Oscar - "Dorkie"

(Dachshund x Yorkshire Terrier)

Super cool Oscar! His gorgeous smooth coat, so shiny in the sunshine and such a brilliant character. When he's not running along, with the wind flapping his ears, he just loves digging into mole hills, always on the hunt for something tasty!!

Iris - Bedlington x Patterdale x


Adorable little Iris, always soooo excited to go for her walks, which are never slow! Chasing squirrels is first on her list, but despite her speed, she hasn't caught one yet! She's also very lovable and adores a fuss, especially before returning home to her bed.

Franco - Bracco Italiano

(Italian Pointer)

Beautifull Franco, just 20 weeks old in this photo!! He's going to be a big boy! Just helping his guardians out for an afternoon, sitting with him while he snoozed (and snored!) followed by a walk and play in the garden. Such a pleasure and can't wait to see him again soon.

Flora - Chocolate Labrador

Absolutely gorgeous Flora. Still a pup at just 18 months old, but her older sibling Fidget has taught her well and no request to Flora is ignored when you have a supply of cheese! Such a pleasure to be out walking with her and she loves a cuddle dry with the towel.

Jessie - Greyhound

Super elegant Jessie! Her fur is sooo soft and silky and she just loves a fuss. We shared some wonderful early morning walks to help her guardian when she first moved into the village. Its such a pleasure when I see her out walking with Jessie, who always bounds over to me to say hello. Love that she remembers me.

Magnus - Fox Red Labrador

Cuteness overload! This adorable little chap was just a puppy when I met him and already he's grown into a big beautiful boy. He's so soft and silky and loves a cuddle. I always receive a super welcome, full of licks, when I arrive for our walks. Just gorgeous!

Reggie - Cockapoo

Just 8 months old when I first met gorgeous little Reggie, who's so very cuddly and he knows it! He'll quite happily jump on my lap for cuddles, as well as taking a ride in my car for a run around and play at the local playing field.

Dave - Springer x labrador

aka "pub dog Dave"

Another gorgeous puppy! I met adorable Dave when he was 6 months old and he too just loves to have a tummy rub when I arrive for our walks. He is such a playful little chap, especially when we meet other doggos on the playing field and he loves to fetch the ball!

Jasper - Cavapoo

Well, what can I say...I think his picture says it all. How cute and cuddly is Jasper and so tiny too! He's just adorable. He loves his walks and ball games in the park and of course, lots of cuddles!

Pablo - Cockapoo

So how lucky am I.... yes, another gorgeous and super cuddly little chap. Pablo was 14 months old when I met him, so well trained and an absolute pleasure to be with. Always so clean and fluffy, can't wait for those muddy winter walks!!!

Gracie - Labrador

Look at that face! And yes, she is as gorgeous and lovable as she looks. I only met and walked her a few times, just to help mum and dad out for a few days, but such a pleasure and I hope I will see you again soon. They'll be a tasty fishy treat waiting for you!

Willow - Cockapoo

Super adorable Willow! She's a little treasure. When I arrive to walk her, she has at least 5 minutes of pure excitement and she can't wait to jump into my car, as she knows we're going to have a fabulous fun walk, somewhere very exciting!

Arnie - Beagle and Roxie - Cockapoo

and the wedding of Emma and Matt

Well, what an absolute pleasure to be asked to chaperone the very handsome Arnie and adoreable Roxie to their mum and dads wedding. And what a beautiful day it was too! in their matching collars, leads and bows they completed this amazing happy family photo.